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Bellow Kit Inclufing Exhaust Brand new Drive At the price and Water Hose bellow

Bellow Kit Inclufing Exhaust Bellow Drive bellow and Water Hose


Bellow Kit Inclufing Exhaust Bellow Drive bellow and Water Hose

Product description


◆100%Brand new,high quality

◆High performanceamp;stable charact

◆Meet OEM manufact

◆Fast delivery


Volvo Penta Single-Prop (SP):AQ200 AQ250 AQ270 AQ275 AQ280 AQ290

To Fit Volvo Penta Duo Prop (DP):

280 DP

290 DP

★This kit contains:

Drive bellow kit with S.S. clamps RO: 876294

Exhaust bellows kit with S.S. clamps RO: 876631

Water hose kit with S.S. clamp RO: 876632

Bellow Kit Inclufing Exhaust Bellow Drive bellow and Water Hose

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