$34 We The People Holsters - Tan Camo - Inside Waistband Concealed C Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness $34 We The People Holsters - Tan Camo - Inside Waistband Concealed C Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness $34,Tan,C,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,Concealed,Camo,Inside,-,/decussation1184719.html,The,-,panta-rhei.net,Waistband,People,We,Holsters $34,Tan,C,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,Concealed,Camo,Inside,-,/decussation1184719.html,The,-,panta-rhei.net,Waistband,People,We,Holsters We The People Holsters - Tan Concealed Inside C Waistband 2021 spring and summer new Camo We The People Holsters - Tan Concealed Inside C Waistband 2021 spring and summer new Camo

Cheap mail order specialty store We The People Holsters - Tan Concealed Inside C Waistband 2021 spring and summer new Camo

We The People Holsters - Tan Camo - Inside Waistband Concealed C


We The People Holsters - Tan Camo - Inside Waistband Concealed C

Product description

Tan Camo IWB Holster Compatible With 1911 3.25" Defender No Rail Only Gun - Inside the Waistband Concealed Carry Holster. Custom designed and printed Kydex holster, being lightweight, durable and specifically molded for the 1911 3.25" Defender No Rail Only, this inside the waistband holster is proudly manufactured in the United States utilizing .08-inch Kydex, a material that adds just three ounces in weight, but is thick and rigid enough to maintain its structure even under the most demanding conditions. With its readily adjustable retention pressure and carry angle, this compatible with 1911 3.25" Defender No Rail Only holster offers ideal concealment, comfort, protection, and durability. Kydex holster benefits: Kydex is thick, strong and lightweight; Kydex is water proof, washable, and will never rot; Kydex holsters are produced with adjustable retention; Kydex can be tweaked and shaped by hand to make drawing and re-holstering faster, easier and more consistent. Each holster for 1911 3.25" Defender No Rail Only is handcrafted to mold to your precise gun model, creating a precise fit while maintaining a modest profile. Enjoy hearing an audible "click" every time you holster your gun, and rest assured that your gun is securely in place. Features: Lightweight; Durable; Waterproof Kydex; Fully adjustable; Custom molded. Click "Add To Cart" now and carry this IWB Kydex holster with confidence for the rest of your life with our LIFETIME GUARANTEE!

We The People Holsters - Tan Camo - Inside Waistband Concealed C

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